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Our Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions.

A set of these will be sent out with your welcome pack

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Our Aims

1. We aim to provide members with the thrill of involvement in horse racing at a fraction of the cost of individual ownership. Membership of the syndicate should be a way of enjoying involvement with horses and horse racing and is not designed to be an investment opportunity. The health and wellbeing of our horses will always take priority.

Syndicate Name and Registration

2. The name of the syndicate is "Purple Reins Racing," and all race entries and declarations will be made in this name and not in the name of any individual member. The syndicate is registered with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and Weatherby’s Bank.

3. The Syndicate will be managed by Mr Stuart Lewis, on behalf of Purple Reins Racing, will be responsible for all management, administration, and liaising with BHA and Weatherby’s. No member should engage with BHA, Weatherby’s, racecourses, the trainer, media, or any other body on the syndicator's behalf or on related racing matters.


4. Membership of the syndicate is available to all members provided they have made the one-off payment or have agreed to monthly payments and are up to date with them. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

5. Member subscriptions will be used during the year to pay for all costs related to the horse.

Membership Benefits

6. Membership benefits include:

   - An opportunity to follow your horse with regular updates on training progress, race plans, and entries provided via email, social media and the Purple Reins Racing Racing website.

   - An opportunity to be involved with an upcoming trainer.

   - Distribution of prize money won by the horse(s) among the Members in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.

   - Distribution of sale proceeds relating to the disposal of the horse among the members in accordance with the terms and conditions herein (this does not apply to a syndicate horse that has been leased).

   - An opportunity to attend the races as an owner when the horse runs, subject to racecourse limitations and invitations based on a draw for complimentary owner's badges.

   - An opportunity to visit the trainer's stables to see the horse on the gallops and meet the trainer and the stable staff.


7. Membership is primarily for entertainment purposes and is not an investment opportunity or for commercial purposes.


8. Purple Reins Racing is responsible for all financial matters related to the horse, including training costs, lease costs, veterinary, dentist, farrier, physio fees, and any other horse related expenses.

9. Race day expenses, including race entry fees, jockey fees, transport costs, groom and trainer's race day expenses, and other costs deemed beneficial for the horse's health and welfare, will be deducted from any prize money earned.

10. Prize money won by the horse during the membership period will be distributed among members at the end of the membership term according to their membership holding. This will be done on a pro-rata basis from joining date up until the renewal date.

11. Members must be part of the syndicator at the time of the race to qualify for any prize money.

12. There is no guarantee of any specific level of prize money, which depends on the horse's performance and the number of members at the time of the race.

13. Membership fees are non-refundable. In the event of insufficient members to fund the Syndicate’s activities at the appropriate level, the management reserves the right to refund all subscriptions without interest pro-rata to the remaining membership period.

14. Membership cannot be sold to third parties.

15. Outstanding fees owed to Weatherby’s or HMRC will be paid as a priority if the syndicator is dissolved or disbanded for any reason.

16. The management reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership of any individual(s) whose conduct is deemed damaging to the interests or profile of the Syndicate or offensive to other members, staff, or representatives. There will be no reimbursement of membership fees in such cases.

Risk Acceptance by Members

17. Members acknowledge the unpredictable nature of horse racing, and no guarantees or warranties are made by Purple Reins Racing, except as expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions.

18. The health and wellbeing of the Syndicate's horse(s) will always take priority and will guide decision-making.


19. Purple Reins Racing reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

By becoming a member of Purple Reins Racing, you agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge their binding nature.

Point of Contact: Stuart Lewis (Syndicator & Racing Manager)
Mobile: 07879 837650

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