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The Purple Poppy On Our Logo...What Does It Represent?

Purple Poppy – War Horse Memorial & Animal Charities

Purple Reins Racing proudly supports the Animal Purple Poppy Appeal, a poignant tribute to the countless animals that served and suffered during war times. The symbolic purple poppy stands as a touching commemoration, honouring the war horses, dogs, and pigeons that valiantly contributed during WW1. Organized by the War Horse Memorial, this heartfelt appeal is dedicated to raising funds for various animal charities.

War Horse Memorial, as a community interest company (CIC) operates without paid salaries, allowing flexibility in fundraising approaches. Their focus is on supporting chosen animal charities, horse sanctuaries, and additional military charities through dedicated sales from purple poppy activities. The financial aid, along with other fundraising initiatives, contributes to fulfilling specific requests, such as providing essential equipment, further aiding these noble causes.

Please support the Animal Purple Poppy Fund launch to help animals in desperate need. Buy supportive merchandise from their official shop here: Susan Osborne, the director of communications at War Horse Memorial, highlighted the charity's increased activity and immense support from the community, receiving up to 500 orders a day. She noted that this surge in interest came about during the Covid-19 pandemic, as people reconnected with their pets and animals, fostering a greater appreciation for the service and sacrifices of animals in times of war.

Alternatively you can make a straight forward donation by clicking the image below:

It's essential to recognise that while the Purple Poppy Appeal utilises the Poppy trademark under the Royal British Legion's license, it operates independently of the RBL’s campaign, focusing exclusively on honouring the animal contributors of war.

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